Monday, February 16, 2015

The Post Card by Laura V. Hilton

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David Lapp (from Promised to Another) survived a "code blue" when he was in a buggy/semi truck accident in Seymour, Missouri. Now after extensive therapy he has lingering mobility problems and is still struggling to find his place in the world. Lured away from Webster County by thoughts of closed buggies and a postcard friendship he's developed with an Amish girl in Jamesport, he moves north, hoping for a fresh start. He finds temporary work in the area teaching school, and also makes fishing flies and weaves baskets. He sells his products in the Amish markets in the Jamesport area.

Rachel Miller dreams of travel, but feels tied to her Amish life. She is being courted by Mark Graber, but wonders if there's more to life. When she sees David's name mentioned in The Budget, she strikes up a pen pal friendship with David while he's in the hospital and in therapy, consoling him when he and his girlfriend part ways. She never dreams that David will come north and move into her community. David is still fearful in the buggy, especially in high traffic areas. Feeling he's called by God to preach, David spends hours in the Bible, but the Amish discourage him, believing their ministers should be drawn by lot. Will David follow his call, even if it takes him out of the Amish church? Will Rachel realize her dream to travel?

I didn't realize, when I received this book, that it was the second in a series. But I have read enough of these types of books to pick up on different things that were said that led me to believe I wasn't at the beginning. But the book is still wonderful even if you don't know the back story.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I read a lot of Amish fiction - it's probably my favorite type of fiction. The culture of a slower paced life, focusing more on family and God - and of course the quilting! - draw me in. There are many different branches of the Amish community and I love reading how different authors portray the different communities. This story showed a difference that I have seldom seen explored - the idea that some Amish do not subscribe strictly to the Ordnung and the belief that the Bishop and the Pastors dictate what parts of the Bible are not to be followed. I loved that David and a few other characters (don't want to give any spoilers here) knew that they could be saved.

There were a couple of other reveals - that might not have been reveals if I had read the first book - that I wasn't sure where leading to where they led.

The characters where great - flawed but lovable. Some you just wanted to pray for because you knew they were wrong about things. And the descriptions - during the snow storm I wanted to get up and cover up with a quilt!

Highly recommended - whether you read the first book first or not - although I will be looking for that book shortly. And I will definitely be keeping my eye out for a follow up book to this one.


Thanks to Laura V. Hilton for providing me with this book for a fair and honest review.

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