Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Union Quilters

I can't tell you how thrilled I am that Jennifer Chiaverini's latest installment in the Elm Creek Quilts series has arrived! The Union Quilters is set in the Civil War era and this time we're right in the middle of the battle!

This book is a win-win for me - I love the Elm Creek series and I love the Civil War. Ms. Chiaverini has done her homework for this book. I happen to be lucky enough to be geographically located less than 1/2 hour outside of Gettysburg. I am familiar with Chambersburg, Mercersburg, Harrisburg, and quite a few of the other locations in the book.

We were privy to two sides of the story in this novel. The men who went away to war and the women who stayed home and found ways to support their men. We saw the convictions of the men who left their homes and families and took up arms. And we saw the equally strong convictions of those who would not take up arms for any reason. We saw the compassion one soldier had for another - whether on the same side of the fight or on the opposite. And we saw the compassion the civilians had for each other as many had to flee their homes and many others opened theirs.

Some things were not a surprise but were heart wrenching nonetheless. If you have read all the prior novels you will know some of the people who will not be coming home from the war. But at one point my heart just clutched and the tears threatened.

All in all a wonderful read.

I can't recommend this novel highly enough.


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