Friday, March 18, 2011

Plain Proposal

Beth Wiseman has written a wonderful story about a young Amish woman named Miriam who is in love with a young Amish man named Saul and is willing to follow him wherever he leads her.

During the later teen years, Amish men and women go through a time called rumspringa. It's basically a "running around" period where they can experience things not common to the Amish faith. During this time is when men and women will possibly drive a car, watch tv or go to the movies, dress in "English" clothes and see if the draw of the "world" will pull them away from their community or if they will try all things available and find that what's waiting in their own back yard is all that they've ever really wanted. During this time Saul has found a job outside of the community that he feels will help him to follow a dream.

As Saul is ready to leave the community and Miriam is ready to follow him, Miriam's cousin Shelby arrives for the summer. Shelby is not Amish but since her parents have divorced and she's made some rather poor choices, her parents decide to send her to Paradise to stay with the relatives for the summer.

How will Miriam's "English" cousin affect Miriam and Saul's plans? How will Shelby's time with her Amish relatives change Shelby?

Very good book. Highly recommended.


My copy of this book was provided by BookSneeze.

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