Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Simple Amish Christmas

Vannetta Chapman has written a charming story of a daughter who has been living with family away from home, returning to care for her father following a serious accident right before Christmas.

Annie has spent her time away from home becoming a registered nurse - a bit of an issue in an Amish community that doesn't really believe in "advanced" education.

Samuel Yoder is the community's "doc" - not an actual doctor so much as a "healer". Samuel is skeptical of Annie's commitment to staying home as well as her ability to care for her father.

While drawn together in their care for Annie's father, they are confused by their attraction to each other. Samuel is a few years older than Annie and has lost a wife and child to an accident he blames himself for. He has closeted himself from social activities and is therefore a bit gruff when it comes to dealing with people.

Can Annie break through his defenses - and does she want to?

A thoroughly charming book although the ending came a bit abruptly - almost seems like it should be the first book of a series because there were some unanswered questions that seemed to be a big part of the plot.


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