Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Double Cross

The third installment in the Someday Quilts mystery series by Clare O'Donohue is a charming addition to the first two books.

The Someday Quilts group in Archer’s Rest, New York, is asked to lead a quilting workshop at the new Patchwork Bed-and-Breakfast. The retreat, however, seems to be jinxed from the start. The bed-and-breakfast clearly is not ready for the public, and those signed up for the workshops have little to no quilting experience. When a body is found in the woods and one of the Someday Quilters is the chief suspect, it’s clear that the excursion was not one of the group’s better ideas. Nell Fitzgerald leads the way in finding out who was really responsible for the murder, with the help of the other crafty ladies and her very own policeman friend Jesse Dewalt.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. We reunite with the characters from the first two books who have by now become like old friends I can't wait to visit with again. As an avid quilter I enjoyed learning about journal quilting, which is a step I have not taken yet. The mystery of the murder keeps you guessing until the end with red herrings and misleading clues thrown in along the way.

I can't wait for the fourth installment of this series.


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