Monday, October 12, 2009

The Sound of Sleigh Bells

The giveaway book was won by Deborah M. Congratulations!!

The Sound of Sleigh Bells by Cindy Woodsmall is the perfect book to read now as the weather is cooling down (well it is here in PA anyhow). The central character of the book is an Amish woman named Beth Hertzler. Beth is mourning the death of her fiance - but well past the normal mourning period - and harboring some guilt. Her family doesn't understand why she can't move on with her life and so they try different ways to get her to join the activities the family and community plans.

Beth works as a sort of go between for Amish craftsmen and "English" storeowners and customers. On one of her buying trips after taking an unexpected detour she finds a treasure in a small store. It's an intricate wood carving of Amish children playing in the snow. She falls in love with it but is afraid her bishop will find it to be too much of an idol to allow her to sell it.

Through some twists and turns she meets the carver and because very close to him. He has some issues of his own. Can they put their pasts behind them and move to the future they want together?

I have enjoyed Ms. Woodsmall's books for quite some time now. She writes from the knowledge gained by knowing the Amish personally. This book is a bit different from other Amish stories that I have read before. It examines some things not normally seen in Amish books. There is physical handicap - and I'm not sure why that isn't a topic in more Amish books. The Amish have a different view of handicaps than the world in general. Older people and people with handicaps, which sadly the "Englishers" tend to shy away from, are honored, cherished and protected in the Amish world. There's also another issue, which I won't reveal as it is a major plot point, but it is one that I have never read about in an Amish fiction book before.

If you haven't ever read Ms. Woodsmall's books, think in the lines of Beverly Lewis and Wanda Brunstetter - and pick up any book with Cindy Woodsmall's name on it.

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