Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Lover's Knot, A Someday Quilts Mystery

My latest read is The Lover's Knot, A Someday Quilts Mystery by Clare O'Donohue.

Quilting and reading are my two favorite hobbies so when I get to combine both of them in one I'm one happy camper.

The Lover's Knot refers to a quilt that Nell Fitzgerald's grandmother Eleanor made for Nell and her finance Ryan. On the day that Nell receives it in the mail, however, Ryan tells her that he thinks they should put the wedding on hold. Shocked and hurt Nell goes to Archer's Rest, on the Hudson in NY, to see her grandmother and nurse her broken heart.

Eleanor owns a quilt shop, Someday Quilts. As soon as Nell arrives she meets Marc, the handyman fixing up Eleanor's house, who will be a major figure in her near future. She also meets the member's of Eleanor's Friday night quilting group, who, like most quilters I know, try to draw Nell in to their group.

Eleanor takes a spill on the stairs and Nell ends up staying in town to help run the quilt shop, which Eleanor has just decided to expand into the vacant diner next door - with Marc doing the renovations. Nell and Marc begin to get close, Ryan shows up and murder follows close behind.

A wonderful group of characters blend together in a heart warming tale of deciding when something is worth working on and when it's time to let go - whether it be a quilting project or a relationship. And of course there is the murder mystery - complete with widowed sheriff Jesse in charge of the investigation.

Obviously you can tell by the "A Someday Quilts Mystery" that this is the first of a series. And I'm so glad. When I make new friends, I like knowing they're going to be around for a while.

The story, the friends, the mystery, it all comes together like, well, a quilt. And I'll be happy to cuddle up with the next one - hopefully someday really soon. And it shouldn't be too hard, the second book, A Drunkard's Path, has already been released. It'll be nice to hear from my new friends again.


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