Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Drunkard's Path

I just finished Clare O'Donohue's second in the Someday Quilts series, A Drunkard's Path.

Once again murder strikes in the small town of Archer's Rest. Jesse stands Nell up on their first date and when she goes to find him she finds him investigating a murder. Of course it's not long before a second body turns up - right in Nell's yard. Is a serial killer prowling around Archer's Rest?

Nell, Eleanor and all the gang from the first book return. It's like a gathering of old friends. And we get to make a few new friends too.

Nell begins to investigate and before long suspects her art teacher - famous (or should I say "infamous") artist Oliver White. And to complicate matters Oliver has begun a relationship with Nell's grandmother Eleanor. How is Nell going to protect Eleanor without investigating Oliver? On the other hand, how is Nell going to investigate Oliver without hurting Eleanor's feelings?

Great mystery mixed with some good quilt talk - what more could you want? Well, to be honest - book three in the series. lol.


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