Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Wednesday Sisters

I just finished The Wednesday Sisters by Meg Waite Clayton. This book was recommended by a dear friend and makes me grateful for dear friends. I had never heard of this one before she mentioned it and I would have hated to miss it.

Set in the 1960s we follow a group of five wonderfully different but alike women. Frankie, Kath, Linda, Brett and Ally are from different backgrounds, have had different experiences and different dreams. But they form a friendship to be envied.

They meet in a park by chance and then begin meeting once a week. They are strong women who have real life struggles and joys. Ms. Clayton serves us the good and the bad without attempting to make anything better than it really is. There are wonderful highs and devastating lows - but through it all they stick together.

And like real women with real friendship they don't always agree with each other and there are squabbles. There's even some tough love. But true friends can do that. They encourage each other and even push each other to follow their dreams and do things they didn't think they ever could.

As this was set in a time I have no experience in it was interesting to see how the women interacted with their husbands. And the husbands, while not exactly main characters were real too. They had failings and strengths, supported their wives and sometimes didn't.

But the main thing was they loved each other. When one suffered they all suffered. They offered unconditional support for each other and were the kind of friends any woman would want.

Read this - you won't be sorry.


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