Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Raising Jake

I have to admit that one of the reasons I started my latest book, Raising Jake by Charlie Carillo, was that it was a freebie. But the synopsis sounded good so I figured what did I have to lose?

I had nothing to lose - and a lot to gain. The book is about a father and son who don't really know each other but spend a weekend together trying to change that. Sammy is a 50ish tabloid newspaper reporter, divorced from his 17 year old son Jake's mother.

I found some of the language, and a bit of the story itself, a bit crude (maybe that's because I'm a middle aged Christian woman). I have never met a male 50ish tabloid newspaper reporter but I think if I did meet one, he would probably be a lot like Sammy and since this is written in his voice I think I can understand why the author chose the language he chose.

A good bit of the story deals with Sammy's childhood. He has never revealed much of his childhood to Jake. We are introduced to people from Sammy's past - his parents, employer and friends. The story is set in NY city and having lived in that area the characters ring true.

There are truly tender moments, funny anecdotes and revelations I never saw coming.

If you have an Amazon Kindle you can get this book for free. If you don't it is well worth the purchase price - or at the least, a trip to the library.

Until next time, Jody

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