Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Secret Keeper

The Secret Keeper by Beverly Lewis is the fourth book in the Home to Hickory Hollow Series.

Jennifer Burns shocks everyone when she bids farewell to her modern life in favor of the Old Order Amish world, settling in with Samuel and Rebecca Lapp.

The people of Hickory Hollow are curious about the beautiful young seeker among them, one handsome Amishman in particular, and Jenny faces many challenges in the Proving time the brethren set for her...challenges of the heart as well as the spirit.

I found this to be a rather unique "Amish" book as so many you read Amish folk are flirting with going "fancy" but you don't often see the "fancy" wanting to go plain.

As always Ms Lewis is a wealth of information regarding the Amish way of life and what it takes to be a part of it.

As Jenny tries to join the flock, there are others contemplating leaving. We get points of view of "Englischers", Mennonites and Amish.Who will leave and who will stay?

And of course, will the secret come out? And if and when it does, who will be able to withstand the fall out and who will run?

Loved this book. A great addition to the series.


Many thanks to Bethany House for the opportunity to review this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

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