Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Wedding Quilt

I have been anxiously waiting the arrival of my newest Elm Creek Quilts novel and was so excited to come home from work to find it boxed up and sitting on my desk.

I felt the story was very good. After many forays in to the past, we are transported to the future in this book. The last "contemporary" book had Sarah pregnant with twins. This book focuses on the wedding of Matt and Sarah's daughter Caroline.

In the other contemporary books we are given a view of the past, so too it is with this book - only the "past" in this book is actually our future.

We are treated to small snapshots of what happens to the characters in the intervening years - some are rehashes of past books (giving away information if you haven't yet read those books) and some are bits of new information.

The writing is richly descriptive as always. The characters are familiar and loved. The small bits of information on the intervening years make you long for more.

Another highly recommended book.


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