Saturday, August 14, 2010

Still House Pond

Still House Pond by Jan Watson is part of series but a wonderful stand alone book. I have not read any of the other books and was able to follow along without any trouble at all.

The story is set in 1896 and the book flows around three central characters. Copper is a wife, mother and midwife. Lilly is Copper's 11 year old daughter. Manda is Copper's hired help. Lilly's father is deceased and Copper has three young children with her new husband. Because Copper spends a lot of time tending to pregnant women, Lilly shoulders the care for her younger siblings a lot. Manda loves Copper and her family but longs for a different life - one where she isn't working in someone else's home and where she has a man who loves her.

There are trials and adventures and the author has done a great job weaving these three ladies' stories together.

Highly recommended.


Thanks to Tyndale House Publishers for my complimentary copy of this book.

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