Monday, June 27, 2011

Forever After

Deborah Raney's second Hanover Falls novel continues to follow the lives of folks effected by the fire that burned down the homeless shelter in the first book, Almost Forever.

This book focuses on Jenna Morgan, who lost her firefighter husband Zach, in the fire, as well as Lucas Vermontez, who lost his father (both were also firefighters) and suffered severe injuries.

As Lucas struggles physically to get back in to shape to return to work, he also struggles emotionally with the loss of his father and friends as well as the distance he feels from God.

Jenna is struggling with trying to pay the bills left over from a lifestyle she and Zach had that was well beyond their means, while also coming to terms with the fact that she never really loved Zach.

As Lucas and Jenna try to support each other, they grow closer and wonder if they can find a way to be together despite Zach's shadow.

A wonderful read. Even though it is part of a series, you don't need to have read the book before it for it to make sense. However, if you play to read the first book, please read it before you read this one as this one is a continuation of that story so there are spoilers in it.

Highly recommended.


My copy of this book was graciously provided by Glass Road Publication for my honest review.

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