Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Daughter of Joy

Daughter of Joy by Kathleen Morgan is the story of Abigail Stanton, a recent widow who not only lost her husband but her five-year-old son within a year. Eager to make a new start, she interviews for the position of Conor MacKay's cook/housekeeper and his daughter's teacher.

Conor is bitter over previous losses and lives his life as he sees fit without care of what others think of him.

Abigail is appalled by the man and his daughter and their lack of manners but feels that God brought her to Culdee Creek so she takes the position. Conor has one requirement - that Abigail keep her God to herself and though she sees that as a terrible challenge, she does her best.

What follows is a tender story of love and redemption. Abigail faces many challenges and even some tragedy. Can she handle everything and everyone that threatens to come between her and Conor?

A wonderful book that was very hard to put down.


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