Thursday, June 24, 2010

Book Giveaway Rules

Just a quick word on my reviews and book giveaways.

I review every book I read. Some are my own personal books, some are borrowed from the library and some are books provided by publishers.

If I have a book available for giveaway it will be specifically stated in the review. If it is not specifically stated that there is a giveaway - there will not be one. Generally book giveaways are an additional copy provided by the publisher for the express purpose of a giveaway and will be brand new. However at times I will have obtained a Kindle copy of the book so the hard copy I was provided will be available as a giveaway. In that case the book you receive will most likely have been read one time.

By entering the giveaway you agree to abide by the following rules:

1. Only residents of the continental United States are eligible for giveaways.

2. You must leave an email address in your comment (please do not say "my email can be found ........" - if the email is not in the comment your entry will be discarded).

3. You can only win one time in a six month period.

4. I will email you asking for your snail mail address. If you do not respond within fourteen days I will pull another name to win the drawing.

5. If the giveaway is sponsored by a publishing company, all their rules for entering must be adhered to.

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